Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite is the cheapest option of all the plans, that allows you to start an ecommerce business. The price is only $9 per month, but it doesn't provide you with an opportunity to create your own online store. Shopify Lite option allows you to sell products on social media, in person or on an existing website.

Let's take a look at Shopify Lite supported features:

  • access to Shopify interface, where you can create and customize (title, description, images, price etc.) your products;
  • "Buy" button that you can add to your social media or to already exciting website;
  • Shopify "manage orders" infrastructure;
  • "Selling in person" option;

Shopify Lite

The main difference between Shopify Lite and other Shopify's plans is that you can't build a 'house' for your brand, meaning a fully functional ecommerce website.

Shopify Lite option will be useful for brands that already have their own websites or social media with a huge amount of followers. For example, if you have a blog with WordPress, you can easily start selling goods in it by using embedded "Buy" button. To start using Shopify Lite features on your website you just need to insert auto generated code from Shopify. This code will allow you to show images, prices and descriptions for the products.

Sell on Facebook with Shopify Lite. If you have a big amount of followers on your Facebook account and you don't want to use a website for selling things, Shopify Lite will be the best option for you to start an ecommerce business.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify Lite

The great thing about the Shopify Lite plan is that you can chat with your customers via Facebook Messenger and they can even make a purchase from there too. The live chat can be super useful for you especially if you have young target audience. 71% of buyers between 16 and 24 years old need to get a response in a minute or they will just drop the purchase. Facebook Messenger also will automatically update your customers with shipping and tracking details.

Shopify Lite is the only plan that, however, doesn't provide you with 24/7 support by the phone, but you can use chat for this purpose.

I believe you should consider this option only if you have a huge traffic on your exciting website or a big amount of followers on Facebook and you just want to test how ecommerce business will go. In other cases I would recommend to consider different types of Shopify plans.

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