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The main tasks that email marketing solves are:

  • convert you subscribers into customers.
  • motivate your exciting customers to repeat purchases.
  • create more trusted brand and keep people informed about new products.
  • recover abandoned checkouts.

I'm deeply convinced that it's impossible to run a successful ecommerce store without engaging with your customers / subscribers via emails. Finally, Shopify gave us this option and now you don't have to use any third party services.
Let's have a more detailed look into it and set your first marketing email campaign. I'm sure it is going to be a successful one 🔥

Step 1. Go to your Admin dashboard and click on "Marketing" -> "Campaigns"

Shopify marketing

Step 2. Click on "Create campaign" -> Shopify Email -> Blank (template option)
I've chosen the "Blank" template email option to create one from scratch. This is the screen that you should get.

Shopify campaign dashboard

Currently there are 5 options that can be added to your marketing email template (Text, Button, Image, Product, Gift card). If you used to create emails with Mailchimp it should be pretty easy for you to navigate. Shopify created almost the same logic but, unfortunately with less functionality. 

Step 3. Preview

Shopify campaign preview

Step 4. Statistic report
Here we can see the most important indicators for email marketing campaign.

Shopify Measuring marketing performance

Delivered. The number of emails that successfully reached customer inboxes.
Opened. The number of unique recipients who opened this email.
Clicked. The number of recipients who clicked on any link in your email.
Unsubscribed. The total number of recipients who clicked on 'Unsubscribe' button in the email.
Reported as spam. The total number of recipients who reported your email as spam.
Added to cart. The total number of sessions where a customer added a product to a cart.
Orders. The total number of sessions where an order was placed. 
Sales. Sales from marketing activities.

In conclusion I want to say that Shopify Email marketing campaign feature is definitely going to come in handy for you, although there is not too much functionality in it yet. 

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