5 Reasons to use Shopify

shopify reasons to use

Shopify is the one of the best ecommerce content management systems that allows you to create a successful Online Store in a short period of time. Today, Shopify has 4,000+ employees and 1,000,000 merchants, offices around the world! Can you imagine that? That's insane 🤯 
For the last 3 years the total revenue has increased by 73% and made $1.555 billion. Looking at these digits we can conclude that Shopify is actively growing and is offering us more and more useful tools for running successful online stores. Let's now talk about the advantages of this platform.

1. Simplicity
Intuitive and convenient interface makes Shopify easy to use, even if you don't have any coding knowledge. For sure, you will create a basic shop by yourself but if you have any special requirement you will need to hire a developer to do that for you. Shopify allows to create UI components that give you control over the store theme. It means that even with your unique requests that the developer will apply to the theme you still will be able to change it later with no help (only if you got a qualified developer that did things right).

Shopify easy to use

2. Money Saving
That's right, you will save some money while using the platform. First of all, Shopify has great plan options for different needs:

Shopify plans

Also Shopify partners with the most popular delivery services such as: UPS, USPS, FedEX etc. If you choose to create shipping label with Shopify you will get a decent discount too.

shopify money saving

3. FREE Trial Period
Shopify allows you to test the platform and see if it is the right fit for your business needs. Currently during COVID-19 Shopify has increased the trial period to 90 days.

shopify free trial

4. Shopify App Store
Shopify has their own app store where you can find any application you can think of. Besides that Shopify allows you to use free themes for your store, and if you have coding knowledge you can easily customize them under your needs. The paid theme will cost you around $180.

Shopify app store

5. 24/7 Support
You can be sure that if you got a problem you can give a call or shoot a message any time to the support and those people will be really glad to help. On top of that Shopify has a Community forum that has answers to more then 600K questions.

Shopify community

In conclusion, I would say that Shopify is a really good platform to run an ecommerce business with. And also it is the most effective in terms of the price / functionality ratio. Considering the 90 days trial period it is definitely worth a try.

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