Critical eCommerce Mistakes

Are you promoting your eCommerce store on socials or Google, getting a lot of visits but the conversion rate is too low? People are adding products to cart but do not proceed to sales? If you said "Yes" at least of these questions, this post is for you!

Every day we're working with dozens of eCommerce stores in different aspects, starting from searching for the right products and store registration to the promotion and working deeply analytics.

Based on many years of experience in this field, we want to speak about common and critical mistakes in eCommerce businesses. Every day hundreds of entrepreneurs register their business with Shopify, but due to lack of UI/UX design knowledge, almost 30% of them close their stores in the first two months after registration.

Luckily for us that we have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and keep those in mind when we start our own Shopify store.

In this post, we will take a look at the most common mistakes that owners make, and learn how to avoid them.

1. Gadgetgripper

ecommerce product page

Sale price color. The bright green color does not harmonize with the current UI - there is no such color anywhere on the site. We would recommend you to use 1-3 colors for the entire Shopify store if your logo contains those colors too - Perfect!

ecommerce footer

No links in the footer. At the very bottom of the page there are no links to the privacy policy, terms of service, about us, etc pages. Yes, they are in the top menu but usually people scroll down to find this information.

Newsletters forms. Would you put your email in form like that? Probably, not. Email form should be attractive and contains information about what you would get if you signed up (promos, info, any bonuses...).

ecommerce get in touch page

Get-in-touch page. In our example it's hard to find their contact information and even email is not clickable. Business email address with extension doesn't look trustable as well. Each Shopify store has its own "contact us" form. You just need to choose in the template suffix while adding a new page. Emails will go to your email that you've inserted in Settings -> General -> Store contact email field.

2. Mamma shop 

Right away we pay attention to live chat icon at the right side of the store. Live chat is a great tool to engage with your visitors and give them a personalized experience. But the color is not matching the style and color scheme of their own website at all ! It just doesn't feel  right.

ecommerce product description

Bad description. The product description is a crucial information your customer needs to know to make a purchase decision. The text should be detailed, structured and styled very well. Make sure to tell about all the advantages of your product, about its uniqueness, about the problem that this product solves.

No links in the footer. It's super important to have all standard pages (terms of use, about us, etc.) on your website in order to give the impression of clean, transparent business.

3. Online Deals HQ

 ecommerce sales

try to avoid putting all of your products on sale. It looks really weird and suspicious (except Black Friday). No need to overdo it with discounts, otherwise, the effect of the sale will be the opposite of what you were planning to do as a business.

4. My Max Deals

ecommerce video loading

If you use video on your website, you need to make sure that the video is still there 😅

5. Pawstrip

ecommerce product reviews

No product reviews. If you got no product reviews it's better to hide it from your store. No reviews are worse than just bad ones. If you sell products from AliExpress you can just import reviews from there using third party service App (ex. Loox).

In this post, we considered some common mistakes that store estore-owners make. This is just a small piece of a big pie that reduces the conversion rate of your store. Besides that, always keep in mind that your view of your project is subjective, sometimes you just can't see or admit the problems that your store is facing. That's why we are here, shoot us an email, and we will analyze your website for free!

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